Saturday, July 18, 2009

Please Read This First.

How Goes IT! This is Stephy Jey of Goddisciples. Thanks for stopping by, really.

Basically this is why we have this blog up:

First off I want to say that God is good and he has been encouraging us through people just like you.

We are working on our second group album The Second Coming and this one is FAR above and beyond everything we've ever done. That means it costs way more too. We had a sponsor, they told me to fly to Seattle to record with my group, I did, they backed out, we then felt cheated. They literally would not respond to any phone calls, emails, or any other attempts to reach them after a certain point. They never even told us they were backing out, they just disconnected and we haven't spoke since early 09. I have been away from my home for over a year when I planned to only be gone for a month. We REALLY need help. I have a job now, as does those in my group who are able to, and am working with my group to raise awareness of our need. We should have a video on the blog soon to let you all know what has been going on a little better.

Even though it's been rough, we have just finished recording our parts of the album. We have been blessed to have some really amazing and well known artist collaborate on this album and we have some major label and tour opportunities lined up for this album. Above all of that we really want to be able to bless our fans with a new album like they have been asking us for.

We are trying to raise $6,643 to cover our current expenses.
Right now we are excepting donations of any amount and we are also offering some album credits for those who feel compelled to give abundantly. WE ARE NOT I REPEAT ARE NOT SELLING CREDITS, we just feel we can at least give credit to people who help. This album will be available in thousands of stores across the country (by request), and also all the major digital retailers like itunes, napster, rhapsody, etc. There will be plenty of people to recognize any of YOU who become outstanding givers towards this project.

Here are some of the credits available for The Second Coming That will be on the actual album packaging:

(a) 1Co-Producer credit for any gift of $1,000 or the highest contribution.

(b) 2Executive Producer credits for any gift between $500-$999.

(c) 3 assistant producer
credits for any gift between $100-$499.

(d) Special Thanks for any gift between $50-$99. (space is limited and names will appear on a first come basis. All names may not fit)

ANYTHING WIll HELP!! If you cannot donate, please help by sending this blog to your email list. Please don't hesitate or be afraid to give. Proverbs 11:24 says "One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty." Thanks for taking the time to read this and I pray God blesses your life.

We can accept donation by Credit or debit Card by clicking the button below.

Please address checks to Stephen Johnson and put Goddisciples donation in the memo area of your check. Mail checks to 4821 46th ave s Seattle, WA 98118

Please ONLY Email your questions to To Reach Me on my personal phone, please email me for number. A lotta' weird people out there!

view our online band page at

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